Source: CVDaily Feed

When it comes to natural disasters, tragedies and emergencies more and more people are utilizing social media. A recent example of that was the devastating floods that hit Louisiana. Among the information related was the use of Twitter to help diabetics find much needed insulin.

Locally, last years’ water emergency saw Nibley City using Facebook in addition to other media platforms to relay information. On KVNU’s For the People program on Wednesday, marketing and strategic management professional Jessica Dunyon was asked is it here to stay or is it just a fad?

“No it’s here to stay and I think one thing that we’re finding is that…(with) the rise of social media it was(previously) somebody you hired an intern to do. And so it was somebody that didn’t have a lot of experience and communications or somebody who had just graduated from college”

She explains, “What we’re seeing now with social media is that…you need to have seasoned communication professionals running those social media accounts because the things happen in real time”.

Dunyon said governments are funded by public dollars and they are beginning to realize they need to serve the public through this more recent platform. She said companies like Facebook even has a Safety Check that they activate during a natural disaster.