Booking photo for Raymond Castaneda (Courtesy: Cache County Jail).

LOGAN — A 24-year-old Smithfield man has been sentenced to 18-months in jail for sexually abusing a woman almost 2-years ago. Raymond A. Castaneda has been in jail for over 18-months, while previously fighting the charges against him.

Castaneda was sentenced during a virtual hearing in 1st District Court Monday morning, appearing by web conference from jail. He previously accepted a plea deal, pleading guilty to attempted rape, a first-degree felony; and, aggravated assault and attempted forcible sex abuse, both third-degree felonies. As part of the plea deal, a second case involving another victim was dropped by prosecutors.

Castaneda was arrested the first time after police officers were called to investigate a sexual assault, June 15, 2019. The woman described being strangled and slapped by the defendant, her ex-boyfriend, while in his car. She had markings on her neck and other parts of her body.

The woman said she told Castaneda to get off her and “stop,” but he refused. He also restrained her and forced her to stay, when she tried to get away.

Around the same time, Castaneda met the second victim on a dating app, according to the Smithfield City Police Department. In the weeks that followed, the woman said she was abused by the defendant, which culminated in being forcibly sodomized and choked to the point she momentarily lost consciousness.

During Monday’s sentencing, Castaneda said he was sorry for what he had done. He expressed a commitment to living a healthy life again.

One of the victims spoke about how she was “constantly abused verbally, physically, and sexually,” during her relationship with the defendant. She talked about being afraid for her life and unable to break up with Castaneda.

The woman told the defendant she was moving on with her life and wanted no contact with him in the future. “I’m not someone to mess with anymore,” she said.

Judge Brandon Maynard sentenced Castaneda to serve 18-months in jail. He granted the defendant approximately 11 months for time previously served, meaning he will remain behind bars for seven more months and then be placed on probation.

In addition, Judge Maynard ordered Castaneda to never have contact with either victim in the future.

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