Source: CVDaily Feed

The Cache Valley Morning Rotary Club announced a new literacy project this week at a parents conference held at Centro de la Familia in Providence. It was there that a newly-created book authored by CVM President Trace Skeen was introduced.

The book is titled “Pioneer Adventure Book Club” and Skeen says it emphasizes parent-child relationship building in the home along with diversity in the community.

“I talked about the pioneer aspect with the parents and then distributed the booklets,” Skeen says. “The other objective of this is also to encourage children to read. The text of the story book is both in Spanish and in English.

“Not only will this help the children with their reading skills, but we think in many cases it will help the parents as well. Of course anytime you can get children and parents reading together, spending time together, we think that is a very positive thing to do.”

Skeen says the book is designed to help different ethnic groups recognize their family’s historic role as pioneers. Skeen says the book follows the friendship of three young people with Latino, Asian and European backgrounds.

The book has a bilingual narrative and it has been hand-illustrated in the form of a coloring book by Little Bloomsbury Foundation Youth Art Ambassador Shelby Jones.

Skeen says he is also preparing to travel to Cambodia in a few weeks to visit an orphanage he has been working with.

“What I’m going to have the children of that orphanage do is tell their own story with illustrations. They love to draw and they’re quite good at it,” Skeen continues. “So I’ll have them tell their story and then we’ll put both Cambodian language and English language together with that.

“Then I’ll bring those books back here and we have several people here in the U.S. who are supportive of that orphanage. We’ll use that actually as a fundraiser to distribute those books and increase children’s awareness of those children in Cambodia.”

Skeen says the Cache Valley Morning Rotary Club not only provides support for this cause, but also for local non-profits such as The Family Place and the Cache Community Food Pantry.