Source: CVDaily Feed

It may be time to end daylight saving time in Utah according to a lawmaker from Box Elder County. Rep. Lee Perry, a Republican from Perry representing District 29, says he will sponsor a bill that would make Utah the third state in the country where the annual clock shifting does not occur each year.

Arizona and Hawaii are now the only states where no time change takes place. Perry says retired Rep. Rhonda Menlove, also from Box Elder County, initiated a study by the Governor’s Office of Economic Development last year that shows the majority of Utahns favor doing away with daylight saving time.

Perry says 65 percent of those surveyed wanted to get rid of daylight saving time, 15.4 percent want it to be kept as it is and 18 percent asked that a new savings time frame be sought.

Although he does not have super-strong feelings himself about the issue, he says studies do show there are health concerns and that when the time changes heart attacks go up and throwing off that internal clock causes other problems.

“That’s something that needs to be presented forward as part of the evidence and information,” Perry says. “I get the other side of people who like to go out in the summer months and get outside, go outdoors. I’m not trying to say that they’re not important too.

“But we need to look at both sides. Our government is based upon looking at what’s best for people. If the majority of the people want it we are the elected representatives to move that kind of issue forward.”

Perry admits that even with the majority favoring elimination of daylight saving time he heard from a lot of people, such as golfers, who don’t want him proposing a change. The practice was started in 1966.