Source: CVDaily Feed

An anti-discrimination law is expected to be introduced in the Utah legislature that would make it illegal to discriminate against gays and  lesbians in housing or employment. Logan City has already approved an anti-discrimination ordinance and there was controversy before it was approved.

State Representative Ronda Menlove, R-District 1, says so far she hasn’t seen a lot of interest in the bill among state lawmakers.

“Even though last year that bill passed through the Senate committee and came to the Senate, there really wasn’t a lot of support in the House,” Menlove says. “I think at times the House would be more conservative on an issue, or the Senate.

“Even though there’s great support state-wide for that type of legislation, my colleagues in the House are saying ‘let’s leave that to the local entities and let’s concern ourselves on other issues.’”

Menlove says that is the way she feels about the issue right now but she may change her mind after hearing more information.