Rep. Blake Moore, R-1st District, responded to President Joe Biden’s first congressional address on Wednesday by disputing the chief executive’s supposed goal of seeking national unity.

WASHINGTON, D.C. – During his first address to a joint session of Congress, President Joe Biden played the drama card by crediting his 100-day-old administration with overcoming “an existential crisis” that he said threatened the survival of American democracy.

Not so fast, says Utah’s freshman representative Blake Moore, R-1st District.

“Despite his calls for unity and bipartisanship,” Moore said Wednesday in response to Biden’s address,” his first 100 days in office have revealed one of the most partisan administrations in history with 42 executive orders – the most since the Truman administration – that push left-wing priorities without any input at all from Congress, American families or other stakeholders.”

Since joining the 117th Congress in January, Moore has been a vocal advocate for finding bipartisan common ground with Democrats on national issues including immigration, infrastructure and economic recovery. But even he could not resist joining the Republican congressional chorus decrying the hyperbole in Biden’s speech.

In one of the most inflammatory of those comments, Biden described the Jan. 6 Capitol Hill riot as an attack on the “soul of America.”

“We’ve stared into the abyss of insurrection and autocracy – of pandemic and pain – and ‘We the People’ did not flinch,” the president argued.

Critics of the Biden administration counter that the continuation of American democracy was never really threatened by either the Capitol Hill riot or the coronavirus pandemic. But, they argue, Democrats are continuing to use such fear-mongering to push a unilateral agenda of liberal social engineering and out-of-control federal spending.

Following his speech on Wednesday, Biden departed Washington on a national road show intended to sell the benefits of his proposed $2 trillion-plus infrastructure package and the new $1.8 trillion family assistance plan formally unveiled during his address.

Despite his previous openness to bipartisanship, Moore is now becoming increasingly willing to dispute White House rhetoric.

“I have grave concerns about (the president’s) agenda items that will adversely impact Utah’s 1st District and Americans across the country,” Moore explains.

“His executive orders halting oil and gas leases has threatened the livelihoods of Utahns living in our rural communities. Biden’s corporate and federal tax hikes will stunt our nation’s desperately needed economic growth, exacerbate our national debt crisis and harm job prospects for the most vulnerable in our communities.”

Moore and Utah firebrand Sen. Mike Lee now agree that Biden is failing to live up to the promises of inspiring national unity on which he ran for office.

“President Biden has instead delivered extreme partisanship,” Sen. Lee charges. “He’s taken unprecedented action to fulfill a progressive, far-left agenda and to increase the size, scope, and cost of the federal government.

“Unfortunately, this agenda will only serve to make Utah and our country less prosperous, less fair and less free.”

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