LOGAN — On this month’s Speak to the Mayor hour on KVNU’s For the People program on Wednesday, Logan City Mayor Holly Daines was joined by administrators from Logan City Public Works (LCPW). She said through her office and the city council, every year they have a priority list of planned public works projects.

“We do, and for years we’ve been saving for capital projects. The way we budget is we budget very conservatively at the end of the year. Typically, departments turn money back, so between that and what’s not used, extra revenue that’s generated, we put money aside for capital projects.

“Because, as you know, they are very, very expensive and, again, we prioritize those, and I think these gentlemen can address, maybe, how they prioritize and what they do,”  said Daines. 

Also on the program were Public Works Director Paul Lindhardt along with program manager Sam Odd. Lindhardt said they have planned-out projects, but there also things that spring up that they may have to deal with, such as spring flooding.

“Right now we look out the window, it’s beautiful, it’s Spring, we’re not thinking about the snow like we did last year. But the reality is the snowpack in the mountains is actually very similar to what it was last year.

“We’re a little bit ahead, which is good, but depending on the temperatures and what happens, it could change very quickly. So, we’re keeping a close eye on that as well,” explained Lindhardt.

Lindhardt said they’re not publicly announcing it yet, but at their facility on 1000 West they already have a sandbag-filling station set up for this spring if it’s needed. Program manager Sam Odd said it’s going to be a busy summer for public works. He said, probably, the biggest project is at 1000 North 200 West in Logan.

“Yeah, probably the biggest one people are going to notice is, we call it our 10th North Corridor Improvements, basically the intersection of 10th North 2nd West. If anyone’s driven through that in the last couple of years they know it’s 4-way stop now and very slow.

“So, our highlight of that project is adding a stoplight there, as well as widening 10th North from about Petsmart on the east end to that intersection, 2nd West on the west end, so two blocks,” Odd said.

That is one of about 12 to 15 large projects this summer.

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