PROVIDENCE —  Providence City has a public hearing coming up on the city budget. On KVNU’s For the People program on Monday, Providence Mayor Kathleen Alder agreed that through the budget process, local cities and towns are helping to define the future of Cache Valley.

“That’s true, all of the cities are in the budgeting process and they’ve put together their numbers. At our last city council meeting, which was, it will be almost a month, we opened our budget for people to be able to look at and read and do their own figures and come to their own conclusions. And we had a public hearing that night and we will have another public hearing on the 19th,” she said.

The hearing starts at 6 p.m. She said it will give citizens an opportunity to come in and ask the questions they have formulated in the last month.

Housing needs and growth continue to be issues locally and statewide, and Providence is not immune.

“We found that there were a group of people that were very opposed to a housing development that had small 6,000 square foot lots and they came in and said they didn’t want it. But it ended up getting passed and now those people have come back and said ‘We really like our neighbors that live there,’ and nobody can really tell that the lots are that small anyway.”

Alder said it’s interesting what people think it’s going to be and what kind of people are going to live in those smaller homes. 

The mayor also talked about some new recreation options coming to Providence.

“We’re starting a skate park,” Alder explained. “We’ve taken the grass out, it’s right there on 1st North and it’s going to be an awesome world class skate park. We’ve got new pickle ball courts going in; we’re extending one of our parks; we have new walking trails.

“We have put in fiber, 2/3 of the city is on fiber, which is an incredible deal for our citizens!”

She said Providence is now doing it’s own garbage service as they were able to purchase some trucks for that purpose.

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