Source: CVDaily Feed

There is a house at 190 West 540 South in Providence that is haunted every year on October 31st and November 1st from 7 to 11 p.m. Every room becomes decorated with all things creepy. The kitchen, living rooms, bedrooms, upstairs and even the garage become fully decorated for your amusement.

Grandma Nadine Adams has allowed drama students to come decorate her home and they begin the second week of September. Her granddaughter is in charge of the event. Neighbors even participate by giving out root beer and donuts.

If you went to The Haunt last year you should know that the themes have changed. Admission is free but there is a donation jar for the Mountain Crest drama department.

“If there are donations they have already ok’d it with the principal,“ Adams said. “So what we take over goes to the drama department so they can buy their props for their plays or whatever they need. And that’s all been ok’d by their principal.”

Adams also mentioned that they make sure not to scare children too badly. It’s family friendly and there is no harm, just all around great fun.