Source: CVDaily Feed

PROVIDENCE – The City Council discussed possible park options for the 1.52-acre property located at 800 South and 400 East in Providence.

City administrator Skarlet Bankhead discussed the potential costs of developing the park. She said about a half-acre of the property is involved in a retention pond area.

“By the time you add amenities, a sidewalk and perhaps a walking path around it we would probably be looking at sprinkling about three-quarters of an acre,” she said.

Bankhead said a landscaping company estimated the cost of the new sprinkling system to be upwards of $20,000 and said a nice playground could be another $30,000.

“One of the things a couple of people on staff felt was really important, and probably is, would be restrooms, even though it is considered more of a neighborly park,” she said.

Some council members felt the park was too small to put in restrooms. Other ideas considered included coverings for shade and a small splash pad.

The idea of using xeriscape – a method of landscaping that requires minimal water – was also discussed. Council member Kirk Allen said he would contact Utah State University’s Landscape Architecture program before the next council meeting to see what options are available.

“I’m not familiar enough with it,” Bankhead said of the xeriscape idea. “But I think it could be done really well if that is look we are wanting to see.”

By Staff