Source: CVDaily Feed

LOGAN— The permit process is underway and it won’t be long before work begins on a new landfill in Northern Cache Valley near Clarkston. Emily Malik, Conservation Coordinator for Logan’s Environmental Department, said the existing landfill has been open for 60 years and that an average of 250 tons of garbage goes into the landfill each day.

“You know we do everything by weight in the industry, and I think recycling we’re around 7,000 tons a year that we get in the recycling materials. That can be misleading though, because it’s always lighter materials than your household waste,” Malik said. “If you were to take your black can and your blue can and weigh them both, the blue can would weigh significantly less than your black can because of what goes into it.”

On KVNU’s For the People program Monday, Malik said a new landfill would have been needed much sooner if conservation efforts had not started when they did. She said the existing landfill will still be in Logan when the new one is finished, and a transfer station will be built at the site.