Source: CVDaily Feed

LOGAN — A 31-year-old Preston, Idaho, man who was arrested last winter for shooting at first responders during a traffic accident near Lewiston, was sentenced to at least one year in prison.

Cade Austin stood in handcuffs and shackles as he appeared in 1st District Court Monday afternoon. He apologized for his actions and said he didn’t begin the day of the shooting, intending to hurt anyone.

Judge Kevin Allen said he appreciated the apology but it didn’t excuse the very dangerous and life threatening events that took place that day. He told Austin that he was amazed he wasn’t killed.

On December 15, Austin was driving a Pontiac Sunfire, northbound on US-91, when he ran off the road, striking a gas line and coming to a stop in a bar pit. He then brandished a handgun and exchanged gunfire with an EMT who arrived on the scene to treat him.

Police said, Austin continued to wave the gun around inside the vehicle while drinking alcohol from a bottle. He was later pulled from the car by SWAT team members after losing consciousness. He was transported to a hospital by ambulance and treated for gunshot wounds to the chest and right shoulder.

In May, Austin pleaded guilty to attempted murder and aggravated assault, both amended to second-degree felonies. As part of the deal, prosecutors dropped the remaining charges.

During Monday’s sentencing, Austin was ordered to serve two sentences of one-to-15-years in prison. The two sentences will be served concurrently. He was also ordered to pay $16,492 in restitution.

Judge Allen told Austin he hoped that he would make something of his life that he could be happy with, when he is released.