Source: CVDaily Feed

LOGAN — Police arrested a man and woman Wednesday afternoon, accused of trying to cash a fraudulent check and stealing several computers from the man’s employer. Jesse Gerhard and Lauren Shorsher were booked in jail on multiple offences.

Logan City Police Capt. Curtis Hooley said bank employees called officers when the couple tried to cash the check at a bank near 1400 N. Main St.

“It appeared to them that the signature on the check was not the signature that they had on file with the signature card and they felt like it was a forgery,” said Hooley.

The bank employees were able to give officers a description of Gerhard and Shorsher, along with a description of the vehicle they were driving.

Hooley said when officers pulled the vehicle over, they found more than just the believed stolen checks.

“The male individual had worked for a company over in Tremonton and had stolen some checks and two laptop computers from them. As they worked through the investigation and then the arrest, they did an inventory of the vehicle. They found the two laptops that had been stolen along with checks from the company, the business owner and another employee that was at the company.”

On Thursday, state attorneys filed seven charges against Gerhard in 1st District Court, including three third-degree-felonies. Charges are still pending against Shorsher as the investigation continues.