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It won’t happen right away, but there is a chance that Logan residents will someday utilize nuclear power. Members of the Logan Municipal Council agree that is a decision that would be up to the public to decide.

At Tuesday’s council meeting, the group discussed a recent seminar hosted by the Utah Associated Municipal Power Systems where the organization’s Carbon Free Power Project was discussed.

Council Chairman Herm Olsen said if Logan wants to it could become involved in a proposed development of a small modular reactor, or SMR, at the Idaho National Laboratory near Idaho Falls, Idaho.

Olsen said it would be at least nine to 10 years before anything was generated.

“That’s the nature of electrical generation,” said Olsen. “You get up in the morning and flip the light switch and want the power now, when you flip the switch.

“Well that means you may have to plan decades ahead to bring on a natural gas generating power plant 10 years from now, or 20 years from now because it’s a pretty significant burden to create those power generating facilities.”

Council members agreed the possible involvement would have to be decided carefully if the city were to invest in SMR.

By Staff