Source: CVDaily Feed

NORTH LOGAN — A home was evacuated Wednesday night after a woman attempted suicide by making ricin, a toxic poison found naturally in castor beans. North Park Police Chief, Kim Hawkes said police were called to the home, near 2270 North 740 East, at 10:30 p.m.

Hawkes said a 37-year-old woman, who lived in a basement apartment of the home, had earlier in the day, ground-up and cooked caster beans to make the ricin. Police believe she had ingested it around 8 a.m.

Police and medical crews reported to the home, said Hawkes, but did not enter, after learning of the potential toxic threat.

Hawkes said, “through a telephone conversation with the suspect and with the arrival of our hazmat team, there were two individuals, dressed in hazmat suits that entered the apartment, made contact with the individual and then made arrangements for her to transported to a local medical facility, which she was.”

Hazmat crews then re-entered the home and found traces of ricin on a hand-grinder. Hawkes said the suspect told police she had used the grinder to grind up 30 caster beans, to cook the ricin.

The residents who lived upstairs were also taken to the hospital as a precaution.

“Our real purpose and intent is to make sure that this subject, the victim here, is as well cared for, which the medical facility is doing,” said Hawkes. “But we also want to make sure that any potential residents that would go back into that home would be safe.”

Hawkes said they don’t believe the woman produced the ricin to try and poison her neighbors.

“All indications that we have are, is that the neighborhood is safe, that this is an isolated incident,” said Hawkes. “The intent of this subject was not to create this toxin in a form that could be broadcast to large areas or to be vaporized, or air-borne. So we feel very confident that it is within just that residence and that there is no concern for the existing neighborhood surrounding it.”

The F.B.I., State Homeland Security, and the National Guard are investigating further and cleaning any toxic debris from the home. Hawkes said once the home is cleaned, residents will be allowed back in.

Hawkes said the suspect admitted to purchasing 60 caster beans on-line. A cousin living out-of-state was the one who initially called police. She had been texting with the suspect and became concerned for her safety.