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With each passing day the family of 22 year-old Chase Clements grows more and more concerned. Clements left his home in Lewiston on Wednesday and hasn’t been seen or heard from since.

“It’s just maddening. You want to know where (your kids) are, that they’re okay,” said Nancy Clements, Chase’s mother. “Right now I can’t think about it. It’s unimaginable. It’s like sending your kid out the door to play and he never comes home.”

The only lead the family has had was the use of Chase’s debit card at a Motel 6 in Ely, Nevada. Chase’s father, Mark, and brother, Skyler, travelled to Ely Saturday to meet with the motel manager and to seek additional clues.

“Skyler showed the clerk a photo of Chase but he didn’t recognize it,” Nancy said Sunday evening. “Skyler showed him another picture of Chase and he did recognized that.”

But when they checked the signature used on the credit card receipt to verify that Chase had actually been the one to use the card, some of that hope and optimism was muted.

“A signature was used but it doesn’t really match,” Nancy continued.

Ely Police accompanied Mark and Skyler Clements to the motel and to a convenience store where they believe Chase’s card may have also been used.

“Because Chase is over 21 we’re having a hard time getting any surveillance footage released,” Nancy said.

A local detective with the Cache County Sheriffs Office has been assigned to the case and will be working with the Ely Police to obtain and review surveillance footage of businesses in the area.

Family and friends have been posting fliers throughout Cache Valley and beyond and have even organized local searches. Chase’s cousin, Brock Mecham, organized a search around Lewiston and throughout Cache Valley on Saturday. Unfortunately, the search yielded no clues.

Chase is described as being 5’9″, 160 lbs, strawberry-blonde beard, blonde hair, tattoos on his chest and his calf, pierced ears and last seen wearing dark gray sweatpants, a brown Carhart jacket and a gray beanie.

Chase’s vehicle is also missing. It is described as a mid-to-late 90s Honda Civic station wagon that is light tan/gold in color with license plate B35 5RR. To see a picture of his car, click here.

The family obtained his laptop which was left behind, hoping it might yield some clues but to no avail.

“We can’t find anybody who he may have known in that direction,” Nancy said.

For the latest on the search for Chase, visit the Facebook page the family has set up for leads, clues and updates.