TREMONTON — During last year’s municipal races in Tremonton, one of the candidates, who ended up being elected to the city council, Jeff Hoedt, ran on a promise to engage better with the public. To that end, he has hosted semi-regular public hearings for Tremonton residents.  

The third one will be held this coming Wednesday evening at 6:30 p.m. at Bear River Valley Senior Center. On KVNU’s For the People program last week, Hoedt said it’s a chance to come sit down and ask questions of a city official or officials.

“That’s the way that it is run, I’m the host of the meetings to date, so, it’s not an official city public meeting. I’m doing it to gather information for myself, I have had one or two other elected officials show up at the prior meetings, and a couple of city staff, which is fine.

“But it’s not an official meeting, so I’m doing these just to gather input on topics that seem relatively hot at the time,” Hoedt explained. 

He said at the last meeting he held in early March, the theme was ‘What are three great things about Tremonton?’ and ‘What are three things that need fixed?’

“And then I ask the audience to prioritize those, so, they got sticky dots and they got to go up to the board and mark the ones that they thought were the most important. On the things that were great, the number one thing was that great people that live here, they care and they’re family-oriented was definitely number one with the group that was there. 

“That we’re a farming community was number two, was something that the public enjoys here. And that there is a small town feel, that goes along with that.”

Hoedt said following closely at 4th and 5th place, was that Tremonton is a great place to raise kids and that residents appreciate many of the park facilities in town.  

But, conversely, he said the three items that respondents feel need fixed, which all tied in importance, were the need for more and better restaurants, including some who serve beer and provide entertainment. Also the lack of government communication and transparency, and what to do about Midland Square, with the majority there feeling it should be left as it is.  

The Bear River Valley Senior Center is located at 510 W 1000 North in Tremonton.

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