HYDE PARK – The Wolf Pack Way road extension between North Logan and Hyde Park opened on Monday, May 20, from 401 West Center Street in Hyde Park to the roundabout at Green Canyon High School.

Orange cones blocked the road as NorthPark Police Chief Kent Goodrich flew his drone over the ceremony.

Hyde Park Mayor Bryan Cox said the road has been in the works for 23 years and was finally completed and opened after a ribbon cutting Monday. The road runs parallel two blocks east of Highway 91 and goes from Hyde Park Center Street to 300 south in Logan.

“It’s taken 23 years moving at the speed of the Federal Government to complete this section,” Mayor Cox said. “Representative Chris Wilson was there every step of the way to help get this done.”

Representatives from the Cache County Commission, Hyde Park City, Cache Chamber of Commerce and others were there to cut the ribbon and remove the cones blocking the new stretch of road.

They hope to continue the road to Smithfield, hoping it will relieve some of the pressure on a sometimes-overcrowded Highway 91 during rush hour.

“Growth is going to happen,” Cox said. “You can prepare for it or get what you deserve.”

Cox was credited for getting some landowners to donate property to complete the section of road.

Todd Beutler, Cache Valley Transit CEO and member of the Cache Metropolitan Planning Organization (CMPO), said the new road is a great multi-model road that could be used for an express lane for buses in the future.

The CMPO was the catalyst that moved the road construction along.

The CMPO is the planning organization needed to qualify for federal funds in the county. The CMPO is an area that covers Smithfield, Hyde Park, North Logan, Logan, River Heights, Providence, Millville, Nibley, Hyrum, Wellsville and portions of Cache County.

Membership in the organization is primarily made up of elected and appointed officials of the cities in Cache County. 

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