LOGAN — He was elected to the post on April 13th at the Cache County Republican Convention. New Cache County Clerk Bryson Behm was a guest last week on KVNU’s For the People program.

He’s been busy since he took the job, attending a conference last week in southern Utah, and he’s getting ready for the primary election that is not far off, on June 25th, and then the general election after that. But Behm has already had experience in this role.

“Yeah that’s right. I’ve managed probably four elections now, and in the past I helped with the primaries. I guess my first election was 2020, so I definitely got baptized by fire through that,” he laughed.

Behm takes over as clerk at a time when there were some firsts, such as the investigation into the previous clerk and staff, then the resignation of that same clerk. He was asked if he feels like this is an opportunity to restore public confidence in the office.

“I would say this is to help with public confidence, when that audit came from the lieutenant governor’s office it found that 31 things were wrong,” Behm added. “So, we got all those fixed, we’re all ready to go.

“But, we want to bring confidence back to the citizens here, so they can trust that their vote’s going to be counted and the processes are going to run smoothly. So we can get early results that they always expect us to do.”

He said it’s never too late to volunteer to help out with the elections. Behm said they will be taking volunteers right up to election day. More information can be found at cachecounty.org/clerk or at the office at 179 N. Main in Logan.

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