The husband and wife team of Zach Grob and Rachel Worthen Grob star in the ongoing Music Theatre West production of the musical ‘Catch Me If You Can” at the Utah Theatre through Mar. 9 (Image courtesy of MTW).

LOGAN – The ongoing Music Theatre West (MTW) production of Catch Me If You Can belted a home run out of the park – way out!

Run — don’t walk – to see it at the Utah Theatre by Mar. 9. People will talk about this show for ages and you’ll never forgive yourself if you miss it.

Under the helm of first-time director Celeste Baillio, there’s not a false note in the entire production. Catch Me If You Can has everything that Cache Valley theatre-goers have come to expect from MTW shows – superb acting, great singing, stylish dancing and lavish costuming – and all of it in spades.

Based on a true story (and a movie), Catch Me If You Can is the almost unbelievable tale of a teenage con man on an international crime spree pursued by an obsessive agent of the Federal Bureau of Investigation. The musical by the composing team of Marc Shaiman and Scott Wittman is set in the 1960s, just like their earlier stage smash Hairspray. The crowd-pleasing score is chock-full of jazzy production numbers, upbeat pop/rock tunes and some surprisingly sensitive solos and duets.

Baillio’s brilliant cast is a mix of old troupers and relatively fresh-faced newcomers.

The role of the juvenile con artist Frank Abagnale Jr. is played by Zach Grob and it’s difficult to imagine anyone better suited for that part.

Grob has a strong tenor voice, allowing him stand out while leading the ensemble chorus, but also displaying a wide range of emotion in some solos, especially the dramatic finale “Goodbye.”

Local favorite Logan McKenna is cast as the young fugitive’s nemesis, FBI agent Carl Hanratty, while veteran actor Ryan Leonhardt appears as Abagnale’s father, Frank Sr.

Those old pros share a marvelous drunken duet in the second act while recalling childhood traumas. Watching these two fine actors at the top of their game is an absolute pleasure.

The opening night performance by Rachel Worthen Grob was equally remarkable.

Ms. Grob emerges from the chorus in the second act to become Brenda, young Frank’s love interest. After sweetly performing the duet “Seven Wonders” with Grob, she gets to throw back her shoulders and really belt out the goosebump-producing solo “Fly, Fly Away.”

Other cast stand-outs are the statuesque Jamie Younker, who appears as young Frank’s round-heeled mother; and Daven Ritchie and Klydi Heywood, who are cast as Brenda’s parents.

Ms. Heywood’s performance as a dingbat Southern belle was a hoot.

Shaiman and Wittman seemed to throw a production number into the score of Catch Me If You Can anytime the musical threatened to even slightly slowed down to catch its breath, so the male and female ensemble get plenty of opportunity to display their vocal and dance talents.

Those ensembles include Nathan Jones, Luc Facuette, Joe Wall, Morgan Horsburgh, Sydney Baird, Morgan Nadauld, Chelsi Pulley, Brooklyn Booth, Lily Allen, Haven Draper, Kat Newman, Curtis White, Andrew Withers, Mead Hansen and Carter Fielding.

Ms. Baillio also had plenty of gifted help backstage, including choreographer Stephanie White, music director Afton Whitney, colorful costume designer Lindsey Kelstrom and lighting wizard Kyle Sunderland, among others.

The musical’s classy, versatile set was designed by Danny Rash of Lineset Design, on loan from the Four Seasons Theatre Company in Smithfield.

Catch Me If You Can will continue at the Utah Theatre in downtown Logan through Saturday, Mar. 9.


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