2023 Miss USA pageant winner Noelia Voigt announced Monday that she had “made the very tough decision” to resign from the title, citing mental health.

Voigt, who won the title of Miss Utah USA 2023 in April last year, made the announcement in an Instagram post. The official Miss USA account later confirmed the news in a separate post.

“In life, I strongly value the importance of making decisions that feel best for you and your mental health,” Voigt wrote in her post. “As individuals, we grow through experiencing different things in life that lead us to learning more about ourselves.”

“My journey as Miss USA has been incredibly meaningful, representing Utah with pride, and later the USA at Miss Universe,” she continued. “Sadly, I have made the very tough decision to resign from the title of Miss USA 2023. I am grateful for the love and support of the fans, old and new, my family, my friends, my coaches, former state and local directors, and my darling beloved Miss Teen USA, UmaSofia.”

Voigt then reflected on some of her favorite moments as Miss USA and mentioned some of the causes she championed along the way.

“Every time someone asked me what my favorite part of being Miss USA was, I would always share with them how much I loved getting to work with Smile Train, being a fervent advocate for anti-bullying, dating violence awareness and prevention, immigration rights and reform, and shedding light on my roots as the first Venezuelan-American woman to win Miss USA,” she wrote.

She added, “Deep down I know that this is just the beginning of a new chapter for me, and my hope is that I continue to inspire others to remain steadfast, prioritize your mental health, advocate for yourself and others by using your voice, and never be afraid of what the future holds, even if it feels uncertain.”

In the caption of her post, Voigt wrote, “I realize this may come as a large shock to many. Never compromise your physical and mental well-being. Our health is our wealth. A million thank you’s to all of you for your constant and unwavering support. Time to write the next chapter. I hope you’ll stick around to see what’s next.”

The Miss USA and Miss Teen USA organizations addressed the news as well, sharing a photo of Voigt on Instagram with a caption thanking her for her service in the role and wishing her well.

“Thank you, Noelia, for your service as Miss USA. 👑❤️ We wish you the best in this next chapter,” the organizations wrote alongside the joint Instagram post . “We respect and support Noelia’s decision to step down from her duties. The well-being of our titleholders is a top priority, and we understand her need to prioritize herself at this time.”

The caption also explained the Miss USA organization was looking at the next steps in naming a new titleholder.

“We are currently reviewing plans for the transition of responsibilities to a successor, and we will soon announce the crowning of the new Miss USA,” they wrote.

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