Source: CVDaily Feed

Logan Mayor Randy Watts and his challenger Craig Petersen agree that the city will soon have to build a highly-expensive wastewater treatment plant because it is mandated by the federal government.

Logan would not be the first city to have a facility of this kind. Stephanie Miller, a member of the Hyrum City Council over the past several years who is now running for mayor, says Hyrum has a wastewater treatment plant.

“We’ve had one for a long time but we updated it 10 years ago and built a new plant,” Miller said. “It is all indoors and it is one of the state of the art plants. People come from all over the world to see it.”

Miller said the city bonded to build the plant and it will soon be completely paid for. She says the city is in great financial shape and she’s proud of what’s been accomplished over the last 10 years. She made the comments Tuesday on KVNU’s Crosstalk show. Her opponent, retired educator Patricia Hansen, will be on the same program on Monday, November 4.