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LOGAN — A 21-year-old Mendon man has been ordered to face charges for allegedly raping a woman at his home earlier this year. Abraham D. Edlund was originally arrested in April and later released after posting bail.

Edlund appeared for a preliminary hearing in 1st District Court Wednesday afternoon. He was previously charged with rape, a first-degree felony; and furnishing alcohol to a minor, a class B misdemeanor.

Cache County Sheriff’s Detective Mitchell Blackham told the court how the 19-year-old alleged victim claimed Edlund raped her on the evening of March 19. The woman had reportedly met the suspect on a dating app and had gone out once previously.

During the second date, Edlund reportedly supplied her alcohol, to the point she became sick. Later he allegedly raped her while she was laying on a couch. The incident occurred after she claimed to have told the suspect several times that she didn’t want to have sex with him.

As part of their evidence, prosecutors played a recorded phone call between the alleged victim and the suspect. During the recording, Edlund blamed his actions on being drunk and not thinking straight. He also said, the woman looked so beautiful, “I couldn’t help myself.”

Defense Attorney Shannon Demler noted that the alleged victim had also told law enforcement, she was very sick and blacked out temporarily from drinking earlier in the evening. He said, she might not have had a clear recollection of what happened that night.

Judge Brian Cannell ruled prosecutors had presented sufficient evidence to show a crime had occurred. He ordered Edlund to appear again in court Sept. 8 and continue to comply with pretrial supervision.

Edlund didn’t testify during the hearing and sat quietly next to his attorney. He could face up to life in prison if convicted.

Individuals arrested and charged in complaints are presumed innocent unless or until proven guilty beyond a reasonable doubt in court.

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