Surprise!!! On Oct. 27, I won an all-inclusive, ultimate stay at the beach in the sky. It was a tough battle, but I have received my final pair of flip flops. Sit in my salon chair and I will share my journey with you.

I was born June 13, 1955, to Dale and Charlene Sharp. I am the oldest of the Sharp family and grew up in Kearns. While I was dancing, laughing, and exploring, my long-haired cowboy came into my life. 1973 was the start of our five peaceful years camping, Harley riding, and random adventures. Then our first hooligan was born. After that, we had 44 wonderful years that gave us five children, 12 grandchildren, and lots of love. In 2017, Scott, my life’s love rode off to that highway in the sky.

In 2019, I got a rare second chance at love with Jody Atkin. My kids think they are funny hence the “no relation”. We shared two adventure filled years riding the bike, parasailing, and meeting so many wonderful friends who have become family.

Learning to become a “hair hacker” was my life’s calling. Helping my friends feel and look beautiful and easing their burdens for the short time they were in my chair. I spent many years playing at the fair, volunteering in Arts and Crafts, and eating my share of fair burgers. Christmas was my favorite! Volunteering at the Festival of Trees, watching the light shows, and shopping for that perfect gift.

I leave my cookie recipes, scissors, humor, and love to Tawsha Guthrie, Brianne (Nathan) Singh, Kiesha (Cade) Harper, Shyan Atkin, and Shayden (Matthew) Howard and I am leaving my love of life, childlike wonder, and silliness to my grandbabies: Reed, Haddie, Tayalie, Shaneiy, Khandun, Treyghan, Bossdhan, Keltiey, Scottlyn, MacLee, Darrian, and Shane with more to come. Keeping everyone in check is my mom, Charleen, favorite mother-in law, Elma and my sisters, Lisa (Kelly) and Andrea (Bob).

I was welcomed home by my sweetheart, Scott, my loving dad, Dale, my brother, Shane, my son, Jeremy (Jody), and my favorite father-in-law, George.

Please come and share your memories and a laugh or two at a “FUN”eral.

All festivities will be at the Fielding Fire Department, 150 S. 100 W. Viewings: Friday, Nov. 12, from 6-8 pm and Saturday, Nov. 13, from 9:30-10:30 am. “FUN”eral at 11:00 am

My kids will kill any flowers you send, please donate (Venmo) @Shayden-Atkin. All donations will help with my “FUN”eral costs.

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