Source: CVDaily Feed

Most people are aware that Logan City is building a new landfill near Clarkston, a project that Mayor Craig Petersen said has gone a lot more smoothly cost-wise than anticipated. On his monthly Speak to the Mayor hour on KVNU’s For the People program on Wednesday, the mayor said the approximate four mile road from Clarkston out to the new landfill is being paved and should be done by the end of next week.

With everything going well on the project they hope to have it operational by next summer or fall. In other city business, Mayor Petersen said that the new 3-1-1 number into the city should be available on more carriers.

Petersen explained, “the city operates a 9-1-1 system for emergency calls. We wanted to make it easier for citizens to get into the city if they have a concern, if they need information. The federal government has set up a number 3-1-1 for non-emergency calls and the city is in the process of implementing the use of 3-1-1.

“It’s kind of been an involved process because we have a number of different carriers to work with. Each one of those carriers has to assign the 3-1-1 number to Logan. But as of right now, if you were to dial (it) from Century Link (landline), or Sprint, or Comcast, or I learned today Verizon, that’ll take you to the Logan City switchboard”, he said.

Mayor Petersen said they’re working with a couple of others, including T-Mobile who hopefully should soon be on board. He said this will make it easier for residents who won’t have to look up Logan City’s phone numbers.