LOGAN — A 59-year-old Logan man has been arrested in connection with Thursday’s shooting in Millville. Lorenzo Tena-Vasquez was booked into the Cache County Jail on suspicion of homicide and is being held without bail.

According to an arrest report, Tena-Vasquez allegedly shot and killed Arellano Nieto Yovani, a 19-year-old man, at a home construction site, near 80 W. 550 North around 12:50 p.m. He surrendered to deputies nearby, still with blood on his clothing and admitting he had shot the man. A gun was later located inside his truck.

Inside the home, Cache County sheriff’s deputies found Yovani deceased with injuries consistent with gunshot wounds. Law enforcement, paramedics and the Utah State Crime Lab all responded to the scene.

The report said, Tena-Vasquez told deputies that he and Yovani were co-workers and had been in a confrontation earlier that morning in which the victim had threatened him. He said that after the fight he left the job site and went back to his home.

Tena-Vasquez claimed he was fearful and angry about having been threatened. He took a handgun and returned to the construction site, finding the Yovani in a basement room and shooting him six-seven times.

Deputies interviewed an individual who witnessed the shooting. The man described how Tena-Vasquez had entered the basement room and approached the victim, who was seated and using his phone. The suspect then shot Yovani, while the man was screaming no.

Tena-Vasquez told deputies that he killed the victim in self-defense. He explained that rather than waiting for Yovani to come to his home and harm him, he shot him.

Jail records show, Tena-Vasquez was booked on suspicion of murder and aggravated murder. He will likely be arraigned on formal charges in 1st District Court Friday morning.

Individuals arrested and charged in complaints are presumed innocent unless or until proven guilty beyond a reasonable doubt in court.


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