Source: CVDaily Feed

LOGAN — The Logan City Rec Center, 195 South 100 West, was evacuated Saturday morning after high levels of carbon-monoxide were detected inside the building. Logan City Fire Chief Jeff Peterson said crews were called to the rec center on the possibility of a structure fire.

“When the truck company got here, Captain Goodwin went in,” said Peterson. “There wasn’t any smoke but he’s been on enough of these that he went back and got our 4 Gas Monitor out of the truck, went in and they were actually getting high levels of carbon-monoxide.”

Fire crews and Questar were able to determine that the gas was coming from a couple of the building’s furnaces. They were shut off and doors were opened to air out the building.

Peterson said the gas levels were not dangerous but still high enough to warrant the evacuation.

“There was enough CO that everybody went out,” said Peterson. “It wasn’t dangerous high levels yet but there was some.”

No one at the Rec Center reported any injuries. It was reopened by 10:30.