Booking photo for Arthur Bryar Robinson (Courtesy: Cache County Jail)

LOGAN — A 27-year-old Logan man has been placed on probation for sexually assaulting a woman multiple times in 2019. Arthur “Bryar” Robinson, who has already served more than 15 months in jail, was ordered to be placed on the sex-offender registry and undergo therapy after prosecutors had asked for more jail time.

Robinson was sentenced Friday morning in 1st District Court. He was previously found guilty of three counts of sexual battery, a class A misdemeanor.

Cache County Deputy Attorney Ronnie Keller asked the court to sentence Robinson to three years in jail, one year for each charge. He explained that each crime occurred at a different time but involved the same victim. He called the actions egregious and shouldn’t be tolerated in society.

The victim said she was trying to heal from what Robinson did. She explained that she went to the police to protect other women. She told the defendant, he can’t comprehend the damage you have done.

Defense attorney Cara Tangaro said Robinson has made some positive changes in his life since the crimes were committed. She stated that it would be inappropriate to send him to jail for three years.

Robinson didn’t speak during the nearly two hour hearing.

In February, Robinson was found guilty of the three charges following a four-day trial. The jury however found the defendant not guilty on the more serious charges of rape, forcible sodomy and forcible sexual abuse.

Prosecutors had claimed Robinson had raped and sexually abused the victim seven times, while she told him “no” or tried to push him away. The crimes occurred between 2016 and 2019, while the couple were in a long-term relationship.

Defense attorneys had claimed that Robinson’s relationship was consensual with the woman, although the couple broke up several times.

During Friday’s sentencing, Judge Spencer Walsh expressed hope that the victim continues to heal. He said what Robinson did was wrong, immature and criminal. He sentenced the defendant to 462 days in jail, giving credit for the time already served. He also ordered Robinson to have no contact with the victim and no access to pornography.

Robinson faces a second criminal case involving another alleged victim. He has been charged with multiple felonies of object rape, forcible sodomy and aggravated sexual assault. He is scheduled to appear again in court July 1 for a preliminary hearing, where a judge will determine whether to bind him over for trial.


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