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LOGAN — A 19-year-old Logan man who broke into a Mormon Church and started a fire in 2015, pleaded guilty but mentally ill in court and will now wait to be sentenced.

Antonio J. Rosa entered the plea to felony burglary and arson in 1st District Court Tuesday morning.

Rosa had previously accepted a plea deal in an attempt to be admitted into Mental Health Court, a weekly program that is overseen by a judge and focuses on treatment and therapy.

Judge Kevin Allen said he had really grown to like Rosa while he was in the program, and said he is a good young man. He felt this was the best option for him and the safety of the community.

By pleading guilty but mentally ill, the court will verify that Rosa suffers from a mental illness and can then order him to serve his sentence in the State Mental Hospital, instead of prison.

Sheriff’s deputies report Rosa was found inside an LDS chapel near Young Ward, early on the morning of June 15, 2015. He had used a rock to break a window of the church and gain entry. Once inside, he started a fire in the kitchen and serving area and then called 911.

Fire crews were called to the church and were able to limit the damage.

Logan City Police officers had been looking for Rosa earlier after he ran away from his proctor home.

Rosa has admitted previously that his actions were a cry for help.

During Tuesday’ hearing, Judge Allen ordered an evaluation to be completed by Bear River Mental Health and told Rosa to appear again November 7.

By Staff