Source: CVDaily Feed

Logan City has an anti-idling ordinance and that ordinance was discussed at Logan City’s council meeting Tuesday, partly because of the many bad-air inversion areas Cache County has had this winter.

Dr. Rob Davies, a physicist who is associated with the Utah Climate Center, is also a member of the city’s Renewable Energy and Conservation advisory board. Davies said he feels it is a good idea to strengthen anti-idling ordinances. He said you see a lot of parents drive to schools to pick up their children.

“So I think what you see and what I see during these really nasty inversions,” Davies said on KVNU’s Crosstalk program Tuesday, “is on any given day I can walk past a school and see lines of parents waiting for their kids with the engines idling.

“It’s not that these parents don’t care about their kids. Of course they do. It’s just not present in their mind.”

Davies continued by saying that more people need to be aware of how idling can precipitate and worsen bad-air inversions.

“Taking a public position, a community making a public step like an ordinance, simply is an effort to put it much further into people’s minds and say, ‘we don’t idle.’”

He said that bad-air can have horrific impacts on young children.