Source: CVDaily Feed

Members of the Logan City Council want to know if residents are willing to raise property taxes by six percent in order to have a new or remodeled library. On Tuesday, the council decided to raise taxes by 6% but council vice chair Holly Daines said that vote was tentative and a final decision will be made at a public hearing on August 2nd.

The tax increase would mean residents would pay $13.72 more per year on a home valued at $191,000. The average business would be paying $24.93 per year.

City Finance Director Richard Anderson said the $2 million raised could either go for a new library or for repairs and remodeling of the existing building.

“We’ve had issues with HVAC, we’ve had issues with some of the configuration of the walls, we’ve had a lot of issues,” said Anderson. “Regardless, if we were to remodel it we would need that $2 million as well. If we were remodel the existing, which is a possibility, we would need additional money as well.”

Mayor Craig Petersen said a group is currently gathering information about costs, locations and needs. He said their information should be ready by the August 2nd hearing but if the project isn’t started now it will have to wait another year.