Source: CVDaily Feed

When it comes to solar energy Logan City is moving ahead and Mayor Craig Petersen said there are actually two solar options for citizens.

He told members of the city council Tuesday that one option is to buy into the city’s own solar array at a special electricity rate.

He said the other option is a solar consortium.

“What will happen is that the consortium will negotiate a reduced cost to citizens and that reduced cost will be because of bulk purchases,” Petersen explained. “They will also provide information. The consortium has met together and put out an RFP.

“There were responses to the RFP. From those responses a contractor was selected who will operate the program here in Logan City, in Cache Valley actually. That was based on a competitive bidding process. We’re working on the final details of that.”

The mayor said the planned starting date for that is April. Right now the proposed residential solo rate is up a little from what residential customers are charged.