Source: CVDaily Feed

As the Community Development Director for Logan City, Mike Desimone deals with a wide variety of issues. He was a guest recently on KVNU’s For the People program along with Logan Mayor Craig Petersen.

Desimone said one of the common complaints he hears are those dealing with occupancy and rental units. He was asked how these issues are handled. He said first, they need to become aware of the issue.

“We’re a complaint based system,” he explained. “So we’re out in the neighborhoods doing routine field work, but for the most part we rely on a neighbor to call us and make us aware that there is an occupancy issue, or a potential occupancy issue.”

He said once they hear of an issue they begin to investigate its validity.

“For us to actually investigate that, we will spend the resources and time to look into it,” Desimone continued. “We make contact with the landlord. We do license these types of properties so, for us, we can request of the landlord a copy of the lease and give us the names of the individuals on there. We don’t just pound on the door and do bed checks.”

He said a problem is normally referred to as an “over occupancy” if too many people are in a rental unit for more than 30 days.