Source: CVDaily Feed

Somebody’s Attic is celebrating its 30th birthday. The store located at 39 West 100 North opened in 1985 when Citizens Against Physical and Sexual Abuse (CAPSA) board member Ann Jurinak had the idea to open a thrift store to provide a continual source of funding for CAPSA.

Half of the profits from Somebody’s Attic go directly to CAPSA, supporting its programs and helping it expand. Another significant portion of its profits support The Family Place, formerly known as the Child and Family Support Center.

Joy Shaw, executive director of Somebdy’s Attic, has been in that job for 21 years and she still says working at Somebody’s Attic is great.

“The generosity of the community, the support and also the mission are what make it great,” Shaw says. “I think the mission is amazing: supporting abuse prevention and intervention programs operating in Cache Valley and providing affordable merchandise to low-income families, quality affordable merchandise.

“We have a broad section of the community that supports us with donations, with shopping or volunteer service.”

In 1994 the store made $54,000 and at this point in 2015 the store is tracking toward making $105,000. There is also a store in Smithfield now and it is doing very well. Jill Anderson, executive director of CAPSA, says the mission has always been the same–ending abuse–and Somebody’s Attic helps make that possible.