FILE PHOTO: Adidas soccer ball on a grass pitch. Photo by Peter Glaser on Unsplash

In a move aimed at improving youth soccer opportunities, the Northern Utah United (NUU) and Avalanche Soccer Clubs have announced an innovative partnership. The collaboration seeks to empower the local soccer community while providing young athletes with platforms for growth and development.

“We are excited to share a partnership with NUU in Cache Valley which we believe benefits both the clubs and most importantly is a positive step for soccer in the community,” said David Newman, executive director at Avalanche Soccer Club in a release. “NUU have been very successful in growing the grass roots and state level teams in Cache Valley and at Avalanche we have been nationally recognized for our success in college and pro recruitment.

“This partnership allows the young players in Cache Valley to have a great base to play/train and develop locally without having to commit to multiple weekly trips to the Salt Lake Valley but does also provide opportunity for teams or players who want an increased exposure to next level opportunities to do so under the banner of Avalanche. In all our conversations, doing the best thing for the players, coaches, and families in Cache Valley has been our ultimate goal and we believe we have found that path.”

The collaboration between NUU and Avalanche is founded on the shared belief that young players should have access to high-quality training and development opportunities.

“A core value of NUU is to provide programs and opportunities to help players and coaches reach their full potential,” said Chris Guymon, president of the NUU Board of Directors. “We are dedicated to providing developmental pathways that will help players increase their skills, build confidence, and cultivate important life skills such as leadership, teamwork, and resilience. We firmly believe that this partnership helps us to achieve this important goal.”

Highlights of the partnership between the two club programs include enhanced opportunities for developmental, access to Elite Club National League locally, reduced travel burdens, and putting youth soccer first.

“I am so excited for this partnership between NUU and Utah Avalanche,” said Trevor Wachsman, Avalanche Cache Valley Director of Coaching. “NUU has seen fantastic growth in Cache Valley, produced fantastic teams, and has established a great reputation in the valley through collaboration within the organization and community. Utah Avalanche is recognized for providing elite pathways for teams and players seeking college or professional pathways. I am excited to be a part of NUU and this partnership knowing that we are providing quality and appropriate opportunities for as many players as possible.”

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