Source: CVDaily Feed

LOGAN — The regional leader of the Boy Scouts of America said he was thrilled to read Wednesday’s announcement that the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints will continue its support of scouting.

Scout Executive Allen Endicott said the Trapper Trails Council couldn’t be more excited to continue that partnership locally.

“It’s been so significant for our communities and for our council,” said Endicott. “We are just very grateful and excited that we will be able to continue down this path together.”

Wednesday’s statement from the Church’s Council of the First Presidency and Quorum of the Twelve Apostles said in part, “The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints will go forward as a chartering organization of BSA, and as in the past, will appoint Scout leaders and volunteers who uphold and exemplify Church doctrine, values, and standards.”

The announcement came after the church earlier said it was deeply troubled and considering other options when the Boy Scouts announced on July 28 that it would lift its ban on gay adult leaders, while allowing church-sponsored Scout units to continue excluding gay adults.

The church sponsors nearly 38,000 Scout units with 427,000 boys — accounting for about 18 percent of all youth Scouts. Endicott said the LDS Church is very significant in regards to its support of Scouting.

“I have served my career both in Utah, Massachusetts and Puerto Rico,” said Endicott. “I have seen great LDS Scout Units the various areas I have served in. We are just happy and thrilled to be able to continue the partnership.”

Endicott said the council has seen some great growth locally during the past year, adding 18 new units. Monday the council also began a large remodeling project, renovating the lodge at Camp Bartlett, east of Preston, Idaho.

“It’s because of the great relationship we have with so many wonderful people that we are able to make this kind of renovation happen,” said Endicott. “So, Scouting is moving forward and it’s due to the relationships we have with great chartered partners and the wonderful people who support the program.”

Endicott said they are grateful for the announcement that ensures they can provide Scouting to more youth in the Utah, Idaho and Wyoming areas.