Source: CVDaily Feed

Four men and two women were successful in Lewiston’s primary election Tuesday. Fizz Kim Bodily, Jonna Westover, Stacy J. Prescott, Brent Whittier, Jeff W. Hall and Michael D. May will be competing for three seats on the city council in November.

Two other candidates, Patrick Bailey and Brandy L. Gillespie, were eliminated from the competition with 13 votes for Gillespie and nine for Bailey.

The unofficial vote tallies are as follows:

Candidate Votes
 Fizz Kim Bodily  113
 Jonna Westover  113
 Stacy J. Prescott  91
 Brent Whittier  85
 Jeff W. Hall  84
 Michael D. May  27
 Brandy L. Gillespie  13
 Patrick Bailey  9