Source: CVDaily Feed

At the present time 123 aircraft are based at the Logan-Cache Airport. Airport Manager Lee Ivie says of those aircraft five are corporate jets owned by local corporations. In his annual report to the Cache County Council Tuesday, Ivie said there are 70 hangars with two or three more expected to be built this year.

Ivie said there is just one fixed base operator at the airport now while there used to be two, and the one remaining has full service. He said there are two landing strips.

“One runway is 1735, it is 9018 ft long, 100 ft wide,” he explained. “It has an ILS approach system at the north end, which would be landing strip 17, and a GPS approach from the south on 35. It has high intensity lights and other navigational aides on that strip.

“The other strip is 1028. It is 5,000 ft. long, 120 ft wide. It has no lights and is greatly in need of repair.”

Ivie told councilmembers the operating expenses for this year are estimated at $263,431, with much of the revenue coming from grants. He said one of the buildings at the airport will soon be sold to Utah State University. He said the money received will be going to one of several large projects that need to be taken care of in the near future.