April 5, 1960 – March 5, 2024 (age 63)

Kim Suzanne Hunter was born on April 5, 1960, in Brigham City, Utah to Vero Othel Hunter and Sheryl Arlene Nelson. She was welcomed by her older brother Rodney Vero Hunter and 13 months later Annette Hunter was added to the family.

Growing up, my parents used to say Kim would NOT talk. She refused and made Rod do all her talking, well we all know that didn’t last. Man did my sister love to talk. Didn’t matter what the subject, she had an opinion and just wanted to let you know about it. An hour later, 8 or 10 topics later and she was still talking. We all would tease her, and her response was always “what’s your point?”

Kim married Matt Richards and from that union her 2 greatest creations were born. Blaine Vero Richards and Mathew Paul Richards. Oh, how my sister loved her boys. Kim and Matt were divorced when the boys were still young.

Kim then married Rick Glenn. With this marriage Kim added a stepson John Glenn to our CrAzY family and he fit right in. Rick became the second father that Blaine and Mathew Paul so needed, and Kim got a new best friend in John. Kim and Rick loved each other deeply but sadly only had 10 short years together when Rick passed away on April 1,1995

Kim met Tim Moffitt, Moffitt as we prefer to call him, if you call him Tim, Kim would think we were talking to her and the conversation (on our end anyway) was over. Moffitt was a great addition to Kim’s life and to our entire family. He tried to quietly stand in the background, but we slowly wore him down and now we can’t imagine our lives without him. Tim you will always be a part of our family and you aren’t going to get rid of us. We love you and the love you gave to my sister was unmeasurable.

Kim loved hard and was loved even more. No one ever met Kim that didn’t know our complete family story within the first 10 minutes. She believed and only saw the good in others. Kim was not one for privacy, even ours, LAUGH. From the responses from so many people since the announcement of Kim’s

passing, her love and lasting touch on the world is remarkable. I don’t think Kim realized how beloved she really was.

Kim is survived by her loving partner and best friend Tim Moffitt, her son Blaine Vero Richards, his wife Tassie (the daughter Kim always wanted and adored beyond measure), Her son Mathew Paul Richards who she loved more than life itself, her stepson John Glenn, and his wife Heidi. Her 8 beloved grandchildren and 3 great grandchildren with another due in May. She loved being grandma. Her greatest regret is that she wouldn’t be here for Mathew Paul or to watch her Livie girl get married. Please remember she is here and will always be with us in our cherished memories. No one can take those from us.

She is also survived by her brother Rod Hunter and sister Annette Jones, many nieces and nephews who are all going to miss their Aunt Kimmie.

She was preceded in death by both her parents and husband Rick Glenn.

As per Kim’s wishes there will be no viewing or public service. Kim’s immediate family was with her for a private graveside gathering for her burial in the Brigham Cemetery on Friday, March 8th.

As per Kim’s last request, I am reading this to you from her.

If you don’t think this will happen to you, it will happen to you! I lied to myself just like you are all doing now. I never believed I was killing myself by smoking. STOP SMOKING AND VAPING NOW!!! I have ruined the quality of my life for the last 10 + years and am now dying before I’m finished here. I am going to miss so many important people and events and I’m so sorry. Please do NOT make the same mistakes. There are so many wonderful things to live for, remember that!

Condolences and memories may be shared with the family at Gillies Funeral Chapel.


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