Source: CVDaily Feed

LOGAN — A judge has ordered Jason Relopez to serve one-year in jail and undergo sex offender treatment for admittedly raping two women. The 27-year-old spoke only briefly and would not look at either of the victims, while they spoke in court.

Relopez was sentenced in 1st District Court after previously accepting a plea agreement, pleading guilty to assaulting and raping the two women. The former Sigma Chi fraternity member was arrested in July after a woman reported he raped her multiple times while she was attending a party at the fraternity house, near Utah State University. A second woman later said she also was sexually assaulted while the two were doing homework in her residence.

Both victims spoke during the sentencing hearing Tuesday morning. The first one called Relopez a disturbed man and said that on the night she was raped, he told her he was going to win because he was stronger than her. She told the court how he kept telling her she was a good person as he repeatedly raped her.

The victim turned and looked directly at Relopez as she said, “I am a good person.” She explained that she came forward and reported the rape for all the women who have been a victim of sexual assault.

The second victim described living in fear and said there were no words to describe what rape is and what it did to her. She told the court, Relopez deserved a harsher sentence because she believed that he will rape more women in the future.

Judge Brian Cannell said he appreciated both women sharing their statements in court. He became emotional, explaining that he never had the opportunity to raise daughters in his family. He said if he had though, he hoped they would have the same type of courage that the victims showed.

Relopez spoke only briefly, admitting to raping both women. He told the court, his actions were inexcusable and marred his character for life.

Judge Cannell said if it wasn’t for the previously arranged plea agreement, he would have sent Relopez to prison. He called his actions repugnant and abhorable.

Under conditions of the amended agreement, Judge Cannell sentenced Relopez to serve 12-months in jail and then undergo treatment at the Northern Utah Community Correctional Center.

As part of the conditions, Relopez can retake a PPG test, that determines the likelihood of reoffense, and be released early from jail if the results show he is low risk. However, if the results show moderate or high risk, he would be sent to prison.

Sentencing was previously postponed after the first PPG test came back with an invalid result. Judge Cannell said if that happened again, he would consider it a failed result and send Relopez to prison.