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LOGAN — A judge gave the maximum sentence of a year in jail to an Ogden man accused of stalking and abusing his ex-girlfriend.

Judge Kevin Allen said he wished he could sentence Eric M. Douglas to more time, warning that he was afraid of what the 26-year-old might do in the future.

The sentencing in 1st District Court Monday afternoon occurred after the victim and her mother told the court how Douglas turned into a monster when couldn’t get his way.

The victim testified how she met Douglas while the two were attending the same school in Cache Valley. Their relationship began to fall apart when she received messages from her male friends or co-workers, causing him to become jealous and abusive. She also described how he raped her in a bathroom one night, after she had earlier fallen asleep when he wanted to have sex with her.

After the woman reported the abuse to sheriff’s deputies, she said Douglas created new phone numbers and false social media accounts to blackmail or harass her and her family.

The victim’s mother told the court, Douglas had made their lives a living hell.

He was arrested in June 2015 and charged with stalking, impersonating a police officer, harassment and electronic harassment, all misdemeanors. Douglas later accepted a plea deal from prosecutors, who dropped three charges when he pleaded guilty to the stalking charge.

During Monday’s sentencing, Judge Allen told Douglas he had serious issues and said he terrorized the victim with his words.

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