Hyundai is recalling more than 90,000 Genesis vehicles due to a fire risk and owners are advised to park outside and away from structures until a repair is completed.

The recall includes certain 2015-2016 Genesis, 2017-2019 Genesis G80, Genesis G90, and 2019 Genesis G70 vehicles.

A letter from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration states that water may enter the starter solenoid and cause an electrical short, which can result in an engine compartment fire while parked or driving.

Hyundai said in documents that it has confirmed a dozen “thermal incidents” with starters in the U.S. from Sept. 29, 2017 to July 9 of 2023. Thermal incidents generally involve smoke, melting of components or fires. It wasn’t clear from the documents if there had been any fires. The documents said there were no crashes or injuries.

Dealers will install for free a remedy relay kit in the engine junction box.

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