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It was a listener requested topic ‘How did the popular streaming service Netflix get to the point where they now own us?’ The company has dominated the on-line streaming world but it also has quickly become one of the premiere places to see original content and is also in works with movie studios to, one day, premiere first-run movies through major studios.

On KVNU’s For the People program on Wednesday, local marketing professional Jessica Dunyon said it happened quite by accident.

She explained that it was “organic, kind of unplanned and Netflix was actually kind of a failure when it first started. People thought ‘there is no way you’re going to be able to mail DVD’s, nobody is going to sign-up for this, nobody is going to use it. This is a ridiculous idea’. So it’s kind of an interesting evolution of a company. When I first started using Netflix I got the DVD’s in the mail, it wasn’t streaming. I didn’t have a fast enough internet connection then”.

Dunyon said the company’s success can be traced to the fact they took customer feedback seriously and created a true customer experience and made that the center of their branding. She said Netflix has changed the way we watch television.

By Staff