Source: CVDaily Feed

LOGAN – Should gun laws be changed or new laws enacted in the wake of the Connecticut school tragedy? State Senator Lyle Hillyard, R-Logan, says questions of this kind are being asked both inside and outside of Utah.

“There’s some strong feelings in the (Utah) legislature as well about the Right to Bare Arms (and) the threat to our children. I don’t know how you really solve that,” Hillyard says.

As the issue is examined, Hillyard isn’t finding any easy solutions.

“As I’ve listened to the tragedy in Connecticut and thought, ‘how could we prevent that here in Utah?’ most of the solutions they propose wouldn’t have stopped it in Connecticut,” he explains. “Connecticut has a very strict gun law and yet it still happens there.”

In the end, Hillyard believes the focus needs to be more on people and less on guns.

“We need to be more sensitive and helpful to people with mental health issues.”

Hillyard says it is important to make sure these people are getting help and that they are taking whatever medication they are prescribed.