Source: CVDaily Feed

Located in Smithfield, Heavenly Animals is the only pet crematorium in Cache valley. Angela Younker started Heavenly Animals 11 years ago – and has seen an increase of customers throughout those 11 years.

“The business grows every year,” Younker said. “We are adding a second cremation oven next year. My goal is to have three cremation ovens by the end of 2020.”

Despite her growing success, Younker doesn’t advertise, but instead relies on customers and other organizations to refer patrons to her business.

“All of our advertising comes through word of mouth,” Younker said. “We work closely with Four Paws Rescue, Cache Humane Society and other animal hospitals. They refer pet owners to us.”

Younker said there are many positives to cremation. For instance, it’s not legal for a pet owner to bury a pet within city limits.

“We provide a service to people who want to keep their pets,” Younker said. “It keeps the pets mobile so even if you move you can take your pet with you. We’ve actually had people that have buried their dog and then dug it out and brought it to us to cremate so they can take it with them when they move.”

Office manager Karen Jenkins said cremation doesn’t only let the pet owner keep the ashes with them, but it’s much better for the environment as well.

“When you bury a pet all the chemicals that were used at the animal hospital seep into the ground and into the aquifer,” Jenkins said. “It contaminates the aquifer.”

Having two dogs of her own, Jenkins said she knows how important people’s pets are to them.

“When they come in we treat them as if they were ours,” Jenkins said.