Source: CVDaily Feed

DAYTON – On Saturday night over 700 people gathered in Dayton, Idaho at the Dahle Performing Arts Center to hear political commentator Glenn Beck. Beck has a home in the area and decided to give a special patriotic tribute while he was in town. Tickets went for $40 per person but Beck didn’t keep the earnings. The money was donated to the Dahle Performing Arts Center, Oneida Stake Academy, and Worm Creek Opera House.

“Glenn is really good about giving to the community,” said West Side School District Superintendent Spencer Barzee.

Beck spoke about living a simple life and being careful with technology, among other things. He also had several historical artifacts on display. Beck shared his personal bible, an original Tyndale Bible, King Louis XVI’s Bible, Apollo 11’s photo markings of X’s and O’s where Apollo 12 could/could not land on the moon, a microphone used by Tokyo Rose, a napkin from Dietrich Bonhoeffer who actively planned an assassination of Adolf Hitler, a Badge of Permit (the original Purple Heart) by George Washington, an original letter written by Abraham Lincoln trying to figure out how to stop slavery, part of a bed sheet that President Lincoln was laid upon after being shot, and his grand finale was the only known remaining American flag that landed on the beaches of Normandy.

Barzee said the event was advertised from Salt Lake City to Idaho Falls, but the majority of those in attendance were from Cache Valley.

Barzee added there are other events occurring throughout the year at the Dahle Performing Arts Center such as performances from Brett Family Singers, Michael Ballam, and the BYU Ballroom Dancers. The Dahle Performing Arts Center seats 760 people. Tickets can be purchased online at