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A proposal from the Uinta-Wasatch-Cache National Forest would provide a very different type of recreation opportunity, if it receives public approval.

“We’re excited about this program through a proposal we are submitting to the public,” said Loyal Clark, public affairs officer for the the Uinta-Wasatch-Cache National Forests. “This is regarding 11 guard stations we would like to add to the reservation system.”

Clark said these historic cabins would become part of an overnight cabin rental program.

She said of those 11, three are located on the Logan Ranger District: the Card Guard Station, the Tony Grove Ranger Station and the Blacksmith Fork Guard Station.

“Each of these guard stations will provide a different experience. Some that we are proposing for rental would include a very rustic experience, not a lot of modern conveniences. They would have a propane stove, a pit toilet, space for horses or RVs next to the cabin.”

She said other guard stations have modern conveniences including hookups to running water and electricity.

“Staying in one of these guard stations provides a chance to reflect on what it was like for the rangers when the forest service was first created. They would come to work every day, stay in the guard stations and then go out and manage the forests.”

This new program is authorized through the Recreation Enhancement Act of 2004.

“This legislation allows us to rent out recreation facilities like the guard stations and keep 95 percent of the money here locally. All of the money we will be collecting from the rental fees will be turned back and used to maintain these guard stations.

“So if the public agrees with the proposal we are asking them to review, then all of that money will stay where it is collected.”

Clark said the forest service web site provides the opportunity for anyone to comment on the new proposal and to learn more about the guard stations. It is at Calls are also encouraged to 801-999-2103.

The comment period will close Feb. 1, 2014.

Clark said if the proposal is approved cabins will be available for rental in August, 2014, on the reservation system, the same reservation site now used for campground rentals.