LOGAN — Firefighters said they were lucky a grass fire was quickly extinguished before it spread into the mountains. The fire started Tuesday afternoon near 1153 S. 800 East in Providence.

According to reports, two individuals were riding a 4-wheeler in the area, when they rolled the ATV, sparking the fire. The riders had minor injuries and were treated by paramedics.

The crash occurred in dry grass and was about 300 yards from several homes. Winds reportedly started pushing the flames away from the structures and up the hillside toward the mountains.

Crews from Logan City and the Cache County Fire District responded to the blaze. They were able to have the fire extinguished within several minutes.

Fire Marshal Jason Winn said some of the grass near the crash was still a little green and kept the flames from spreading quickly. The fire was about an acre in size before being put out.

The blaze occurred as Cache Valley experiences record breaking temperatures and extremely dry conditions. A heat advisory has also been issued from the National Weather Service, as temperatures through the rest of the week are expected to break more records.

Providence grass fire

The charred 4-wheeler that is suspected of starting a grass fire in Providence, July 9, 2024. (Photo: Cache County Fire District)

On July 1, officials with the Utah Department of Natural Resources announced that “all unincorporated Private and State lands” in northern Utah were being placed under stage one fire restrictions. Those restrictions prohibit open fires, smoking, fireworks, cutting, wielding or grinding any metal, or using small internal combustion engines without an approved and working spark arrestor.

Fire Chief Rod Hammer said Tuesday’s incident is proof that anything can start a fire right now, even a wrecked 4-wheeler. He once again reminded people to be careful.

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