LOGAN — A very important event is happening Friday afternoon and all-day Saturday at the Cache County Event Center. It’s the 2nd annual Family Resource Fair. 

It is centered around Mental Health Support and on KVNU’s For the People program on Wednesday, Cache County Executive David Zook told us what attendees can expect.

“On Friday, it will go from 4 to 7 (p.m.) and I think there’s only one workshop Friday evening that I know of, at 6 o’clock. And then on Saturday there are a number of workshops throughout the day that will be happening, I believe, from 11 to 4, every hour.  So, 11, at noon, at 1, at 2 and at 3 – different workshops,” Zook explained.

He said the organizer asked him to put together the Saturday panel at 1 p.m.

“This particular panel, we will be talking about mental health support, prevention tools, crisis resources,” Zook added, “information for families to help them when they are dealing with some of the most difficult challenges they face. And some really good experts as well.”

He said on Friday evening there will be a workshop called The Perfect Storm: How to Regulate Your Child’s Nervous System. The exhibit hall is open from 4 p.m. to 7 p.m. on Friday. Zook said the organizer is Scott Falslev who has put together the Bridal Faire for many years, and he is a great organizer.

“Last year he thought, ‘I want to do something that’s focused a little bit more on families, on strengthening families, on helping families to deal with various challenges they’re facing.’ So, he put together this event, and it’s being held at the county fairgrounds.

“He’s brought together a ton of resources, information, exhibitors booths, vendors booths. They’re going to have food trucks there, they’re going to have bounce houses, they’re going to have mini-golf…a lot of fun activities.”

The exhibit hall will be open Saturday from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. Zook said a fun thing happening on Saturday at noon is the Fastest Fireman in the Firehouse Contest.

You can get more information at www.familyresourcefair.com/.

Workshops will be in-person but also streamed on Facebook Live.

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