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A mother’s attempt to surprise her daughter attending Utah State University has gone viral. Deanna Pilling decided to travel from New York to Logan last week to surprise her 18-year-old daughter McKenna. The semester at USU was coming to a close and it was time to move out.

Deanna showed up to what she thought was her daughter’s dorm room to surprise her. McKenna wasn’t there so Deanna decided to relax in the room while she waited for her daughter to show up.

After waiting five minutes and no sign of her daughter, Deanna finally decided to take a picture of herself lying down in what she thought was her daughter’s bed and let the cat of the bag.

“Look where I am! Where are you?” her text read with the accompanying picture.

“Where’s that??” McKenna replied. “I’m in my dorm.”

Then, the realization: “Please tell me you’re not in someone else’s dorm” McKenna replies.

“I am in the wrong dorm omg” Deanna exclaims.

McKenna told BuzzFeed News she immediately knew her mom wasn’t in her dorm room because that’s where she was. She said her mom immediately felt sick to her stomach and ran out of the room. What her mom hadn’t realized is that McKenna moved earlier in the semester and was no longer in her original dorm room.

Once mother and daughter finally found each other and had a good laugh, McKenna shared their exchange on Twitter.

“My intention was only for family and friends to see, hence the caption, ‘Momma Pilling at it again,’ because the people I know know her has ‘Momma Pilling’,” McKenna told BuzzFeed. “But once it got bigger and bigger we just couldn’t stop laughing because it was so unexpected.”

The text exchange has been shared tens of thousands of times, has been featured on state-wide news stations and numerous national websites. The one regret, says Pilling, is that her mother wishes she would have taken a better picture.

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